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F U N !

Bonaire offers many ways to enjoy your self. BonaireFUN wants their guests to enjoy these possibilities to the fullest. Below you can get an idea of activities offered and the nice locations where you can enjoy Bonaire's nature:

· Rent a Trike (a 3-wheeled motorcycle) and drive around the island (max 4 people. Regular drivers license required. Rentofun phnr:
· Rent a Harley Davidson and just cruise and enjoy the scenery. Harley Davidson shop phnr:
· Take a bottle of something nice and see the sunset from Seru Largu, the second largest mountain on Bonaire and overlook the whole island and beyond
· Have a breakfast picnic on Sorobon (15mins drive from Downtown) and see the sunrise

Bonaire apartments

· Take the Watertaxi (Kantika di Amor) and snorkel on Klein Bonaire. You'll feel like you're swimming in a fishtank
· Take a walk along the east coast and look for choecoe beans which are rare but will bring you lots of luck when you do find them
· Drive to Goto lake and enjoy the breathtaking view from the outlook point and cherish the silence so deep it'll make you whisper
· Snorkel or dive at "Thousand Steps" (make sure you count them….), it's like an underwater garden just where the buoy is located

Studio Bonaire Bonaire appartmenten

· Climb the lighthouse just past the Salt mines and see the island from the south side.
· Drive to the east coast and see if you can find driftwood in the shape of an animal or another fun shape (your FUN-hosts will make something beautiful out of it)
· Have your picture taken in traditional Bonairean clothing with the backdrop of a typical kunuku. Located right on Kaya Grandi (Main Street). Tabu phnr:

Bonaire apartments

· Take a stroll through the cactus fields on the north coasts and try to find a genetically malformed cactus. If you do this towards the end of the afternoon you'll be amazed at the colors of the cacti
- Enjoy a delicious lunch at Kontiki restaurant and admire the local art, which Kontiki exhibits throughout the year

Appartement BonaireBonaire appartmenten

· Climb the Brandaris mountain in the Washington Slagbaai National Park. It's the highest mountain on Bon (784ft).
· Drive to Lac Cai on Sunday afternoon (starts at noon) and enjoy live local music and local food
· Charter a sportfishing boat and see if you can catch your dinner. Your menu could be marlin, tuna, wahoo, dorado or sailfish. Piscatur phnr:
· Visit Washington Slagbaai National Park and swim, snorkel, picnic, enjoy the nature and see if you can spot the giant iguana's or try to feed the Angelfish at Wayaca II.

Bonaire apartments Apartments Bonaire

· Show your folks back home what a FUN time you're having on Bonaire by appearing live on one of the Bonaire webcam's at Bongos.
· Rent a horse and take it for a swim at Lac Bay
· Visit the caves with Indian inscriptions and see if you can find the snake drawing
· On Queensday, go camping anywhere on Bonaire

Appartement Bonaire Bonaire apartment

· Go to Jos on Sunday for a skewer and enjoy the huge campfire
· Challenge your companions to a bowling game. Danilo call 7173998
· Take a tour trough the cunucu led by the grand daughter at Rooi Lamoenchi and see the old times.
· Enjoy Bonaire's underwater world by way of shore diving or snorkeling or take a trip on the Aqua Space and enjoy the view through their underwater windows.

Appartement Bonaire

· Let Caren explain fish behavior so you can experience an underwater beauty salon with her.
· Enjoy the landsailing experience at wind force 5.
· Enjoy everything above the water, sail, surf, waterski, parasail, wakeboard, kitesurfing or kayaking
· Walk around Klein Bonaire, it takes about 4 hours (bring enough water!)

Bonaire studio

· Let the fish eat out of your hand at Klein Bonaire
· Enjoy the juvenile fish at the mangroves at Lac. Kayak and snorkel with a guide in the mangrove tunnels.
· Eat fresh fish, chicken or carco at a local restaurant or take out.
· Visit Bonaire's museum and have a look at their fabulous collection of shells

Bonaire DivingDiving Bonaire

· Visit one of many caves and bring your mask to snorkel in some of them
· Enjoy the latest movies with a drink and some popcorn at Movieland cinema. Call 7172400
· Look for fossils at the light house at Spelonk to the left of Lagoen

Bonaire apartments

- Ride a mountainbike on the unpaved roads into the tropical paradise with Discover Bonaire, tel. 717-2229
- Check out how people used to live in the old days on Bonaire at Fundashon Mangazina Di Rei, tel. 717-4060
- Enjoy a jeepsafari withVoyager Events, tel. 717-8190
- Adopt a donkey at the Donkey Sanctuary, tel. 717-7607

Bonaire studioStudio Bonaire

Whatever you decide to do on Bonaire, make sure you have FUN !!!!!

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Diving is the most popular sport in this divers paradise. Bonaire ranks third on world list of most beautiful dive areas, famous for its beautiful corals and colorful fishes, seahorses and turtles.
Diving is so popular because you can dive from the shore almost everywhere on the southwest side of the island. Approximately 85 spots have been marked with a yellow stone and these mark the most beautiful dive spots. All dive operators also have boats to dive from. They moor at buoys on sites from where shore dives are not possible for example on the southwest side of Klein Bonaire. The dive guides will make sure you can enjoy your dives in a safe and pleasant way.
There are also some wrecks that you can dive to: Hilma Hooker and Windsock. If you'd like to make a dive on the east coast of the island you can go with "Crazy Larry". This Canadian will take you to the other side of the island to Blue Hole, where the sea is much rougher and you'll be able to see different species of fish.
To find out more about the coral and the behavior of the fishes you can follow a day course at Sea & Discover. In the morning you'll get lots of information followed by a dive in the afternoon under guidance of Caren, a Marine biologist.

Sea and Discover
tel. 717-5322
Larry's Wild Side Diving tel. 790-9156 of 717-5246

Dive operators

Of course there are lots of dive operators on the island of Bonaire. You can rent your own equipment of take a package with a dive instructor. Each dive operator has his own enthusiastic and personal approach and BonaireFUN can recommend the following dive operators:
Yellow Submarine tel. 717-2929
WannaDive tel. 717-3531

Bonaire Dive and Adventure tel. 717-2229

"Wannadive Bonaire has always specialized in providing service that allowed their guests to take advantage of that unique natural feature the awesome shorediving that made Bonaire world famous. With three convenient pick up/ drop off points for tanks on the island, Wannadive Bonaire has achieved a level of service that is second to none. Our dive facilities have it all and we invite you to come and have a look.
The owners, Roeland "Bob" Labots and Bart Snelder, are experienced, dedicated PADI dive instructors and Bonairean veterans. Their casual way of providing world class service with a smile, has built a name for itself. Many guests return again and again to enjoy to be greeted as family.
Wannadive Bonaire is located on two oceanfront properties: Eden Beach Resort and City Café and Accomodations. Eden Beach Resort is located 5 minutes north of the capital of Bonaire while City Café can be found right in the center of town.

Diving rules

STINAPA is the government agency in charge of overseeing the welfare and operation of Bonaire Marine Park. As with any well-run agency, there have to be guidelines and regulations to ensure a smooth operation and the overall well being of the Marine Park.
- All persons diving in Bonaire's waters must secure a Marine Park Tag. The cost is $25,-. The fee is used to maintain the park and boat moorings.
- All persons must obtain an orientation from a dive operator. You will be given valuable information as to how you can become part of our efforts to keep Bonaire a diver's paradise.
- Anchoring is not allowed. All boats must use one of the mooring buoys that have been places by the Bonaire Marin Park.
- Spear guns and spear fishing are not allowed and violators face heavy fines.
- Remove nothing, living or dead from the Marine Park. Shelling is not allowed.
- Gloves are not to be worn unless used when ascending/descending a mooring line, for diving the Hilma Hooker (wreck dive) shore diving the east side or otherwise with Marine Park okay in case of a medical condition.

The following tips should also be observed to make your diving enjoyable and to help protect the reef.

- Don't touch anything. Feeding fish is not recommended. Picking up sea horses, teasing puffer fish and generally harassing the underwater creatures causes undo stress and damages the delicate balance of the reef.


Snorkeling is one the most favorite pastimes of our visitors. Very often you'll see the many colored snorkels sticking out of the water anywhere along the coast. Floating in the water, you'll only hear your own breathing and you'll see all the colorful fishes. It's a very peaceful and relaxing pastime. As with the dive-spots you can snorkel everywhere along the southwest coast, sometimes you'll need water shoes, but most of the time you can go straight into the water. Along the boulevard in Kralendijk there are many spots with steps for water access. The FUN thing is that every time, even when snorkeling in the same spot you'll see different fishes.
When the wind is not blowing from the northeast (a so called wind reversal), you can also snorkel at Sorobon at Blue Hole, after crossing the reef. It's takes quite some effort to get there but it's more than worth it to see the beautiful coral which looks like a huge crater filled with white sand. You'll be able to see stingrays, turtles, tarpons and all the other species that we haven't seen yet……!
For those of you who will snorkel for the first time and need some guidance BonaireFUN can recommend:
Sea and Discover tel. 717-5322
Touch the Sea tel. 717-8529

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Bonaire is also famous for its windsurfing. Almost always there is a northeasterly wind;15-25knots from December through August and 12-18knots from September through November. The best spot to windsurf is at Sorobon, a lagoon with knee-deep clear blue water. The world championship freestyle windsurfing is held here. There are 2 windsurf schools here: Jibe City and Bonaire Windsurf Place, both have a big collection of gear for rent and windsurf lessons are also available. After the windsurfing you'll be able to enjoy a delicious drink and/or snack and relax on the beach.
Jibe City tel. 717-5233
Bonaire Windsurf Place tel. 717-2828

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Besides windsurfing there's also the possibility to go kite surfing on Bonaire because of the constant northeasterly wind. With a smallish board and a large kite you'll float over the water. The best spot for kite surfing is at Atlantis, yellow stone 79 (see Diving). You can also rent the gear there and for more information or lessons you can contact Roan, the kite surf instructor. It's also a lot of FUN to spend a morning or afternoon there and just see the kite surfers performing their tricks. On the site you'll find the Kitesurf bus for shade, drinks and snacks.
Kiteboarding Bonaire

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An new activity on Bonaire is landsailing. With a kart and a sail you'll race on the newly made track next to the road to Rincon. Lessons can be arranged 7 days a week. Visit or call:
Landsailing Bonaire tel. 786-2308

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Outdoor Bonaire

With Outdoor Bonaire you'll discover the other side of the island. You can visit caves or you can rappel off a lighthouse. There is also a possibility to do a mix of activities, biking, walking and caving in one. You can find more information at:
Outdoor Bonaire tel. 791-6272 of 717-4555

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Sailboat rental

Sunfishes are flat sailboats with a single sail, suitable for a maximum of 2 adult sailers. Easy to handle, easy to capsize but also easy to turn around again. Sunfishes are for rent at the Kas di Regatta.
Kas di Regatta tel. 717-5555

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Boat rental , wakeboarding, waterskiing

Not only under water there's lots to do on our beautiful island. But also above water there are numerous activities to undertake: you can go water-skiing, book a snorkel trip on a big sail ship or go on the Aqua Space, a special glass bottom boat.
Jan Blonk Botenverhuur tel. 717-3477
Aqua Space tel 717-2568
Multi Boat Charters tel. 790-1228
Piscatur Fishing, tel. 717-8774

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The Lac Bay Mangrove forest is part of Bonaire's national park system. The Mangrove Info Center offers information about the Mangrove forest as a nursery for our coral reefs. The center is offering 1 or 2 hour mangrove kayak tour, guided mangrove snorkelling and solar boat tours, all excursions are guided by a naturalist. BonaireFUN.com is offering you the informatiom:
Mangrove info en kayak center tel. 717-5353

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Sea & Discover offers ½ day programs combine a classroom session with an hour-long dive or snorkel. In the classroom, the marine biologist shares 'insider knowledge' through slides, cd-roms, books and discussion. Then she'll guide you on a shore dive or snorkel where you'll see first-hand what you learned in class. Caren Echrich has a Master's degree in Marin Biology, is a PADI instructor, and has studied, researched, an taught in the Caribbean for nine years. For more information:
Sea and Discover tel. 717-5322

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Rooi Lamoenchi kunuku-park

Rooi Lamoenchi kunuku-park. Discover the history of this old plantation. In a guided walking though a beautiful nature preserve. Daily appointment. Please call:
Rooi Lamoenchi kunuku-park 717-8489 of 540-9800.

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